5 Tips to Finding Your Own Style

5 Tips Easy BedroomIf you are not sure what your own style is for decorating your bedroom, then you can benefit from some easy tips to finding. Your own style is all about what you like and what makes you feel good. It’s not about the latest trends or fads, it’s about your own personality.

Ready for the Tips

Here is Tip #1: What’s your favorite color? You certainly are attracted to one color over others, even though you might have a range of color loves. Like dark blues, anything in the red color spectrum, all kinds of yellows. Or you may have just one particular color that you love, like pale lavender. What ever it is, that’s a big key to pulling together your own style. It’s possible to have more than one favorite color, but my guess is your multiple favorite colors are complementary to each other.

Tip #2: Clean spaces or Surrounded by lots of items. Which do you prefer? Does it make you nuts to have too much clutter around you? Do you like it when there are lots of special items that surround you? Understanding this about yourself with help you determine more about your own style.

Tip #3: Bright and cheery or dark and cozy. Which is your preference? Do you like lots of sunlight to flood into your bedroom? Does that make you feel good? Or do you like to have a cozy world were you can retreat with a reading light and curl up? More parts of determining what will make up your own style.

Tip #4: Water vs Earth. Think about what you prefer to be around. An ocean or a mountain. Do you like to garden, go for long walks, lay in the grass? Do you prefer swimming, beach jogging or just enjoying the waves? Water is a fluid and ever-changing style, while earth is a stable style.

Tip #5:  Modern vs Vintage. Does your grandmother’s sofa draw you much more than a chrome edged couch? Or do you like the look of sleek floor lamps over ornate table lamps? Again you are putting together your own style.


Style Examples to Consider

Let me take you through 3 examples here of different styles. My youngest daughter is all about modern, crisp and clean looks. Black and white, navy blue and white and red and white are color combinations she loves. She doesn’t like clutter. There is very little “extra” stuff in her home. Modern and sleek is her favorite look. She doesn’t even own a table lamp. All her lamps are floor models that stand behind her furniture.

My sister is a romantic at heart. Mauve and rose colors are her favorites. She loves florals of just about any variety as long as the colors are warm. No sharp contrasts for her. She sets her favorite items in small groupings around her furniture surfaces. Warm lighting via vintage-look lamps are part of her decor. Everything about her style is warm and cozy.

Finally, I have a friend who takes the completely opposite of my daughter. Her home is filled with lots of special items. She set up her bedroom decor in all purples and lavenders with plenty of wall hangings, antique jewelry to accent everything including her lamp shades. She is not comfortable unless she is surrounded by things. So nearly every surface in her bedroom has something that makes her feel special.

Each of these styles is very different, but each makes the person feel good while she is in her bedroom. Take a look at those things that you have surrounded yourself with and see if you can determine which make you feel good and which don’t. Remove the “don’t” and add to the “do’s.” You will feel much better in your own bedroom decor.

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