Animal Print Wall Clocks for Easy Bedroom Decorating

Animal-Print-Wall-ClocksAnimal prints, zebra, giraffe, leopard, are popular ways to decorate a bedroom. Choosing accessories with animal prints will make decorating in these themes easy. These wall clocks can add that kind of accent touch that will make your theme come alive.

Zebra Print Bedroom Wall Clocks

Featuring zebra prints first was chosen for all the friends and family who love the look of this beautiful wild animal in their world. Whether it’s the traditional black and white stripes, or you prefer to go with a more fanciful look with bows or different accent colors, a wall clock will add to your zebra print decor.

Wall Clocks with Giraffe Prints

Next comes my own favorite. I love the look of the giraffe skin. The natural brown and tan look is what I consider the best, but you may prefer a more color one. Even a monogrammed one is available on different looks for a giraffe animal print clock.

The Beautiful Leopard Print Look

Of course, we can’t forget the beautiful look of a leopard print. The speed and grace of this magnificent large cat are represented in your bedroom decor through leopard prints. Any one of these wall clocks will make a great addition to your decorating.

Vertical Decor Accents

Wall clocks in your chosen animal print will add to your decor, yes. But, it will do more than that. A bedroom often has horizontal decor effects. That comes from the bedding sets and the accessories that set on horizontal surfaces. With wall clocks, the decor becomes more vertical. Your eye is pulled to higher level. When you add an accent rug on the floor, you pull the look to a complete circle. This creates a much more appealing effect in your decor.

Besides bedding and surface decor, add in wall decor, like a clock or animal print, then complete the circle effect with a floor rug. You will pleased with the total look of your bedroom. See more Animal Wall Clocks at

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  1. Mandee says:

    You know this is right up my daughter’s alley! She would go Zebra in the black and white. I love all the animal print wall clocks, though. Good point about bringing the eye up (and down). With dressers, chests and beds, bedrooms are very horizontal in nature.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I love animal prints and these clocks are awesome! They would make a lovely accent piece for any room, as well as being practical.

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