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Animal-Art-Prints-Bedroom-DAnimals are definitely a favorite theme of mine for just about any room in the house, but the bedroom especially. Adding a beautiful art print or two to the wall can accent that theme with style. Whether African wildlife or domestic wildlife, you have plenty of choices for your favorite animal.

Wall Art for Vertical Decor

Adding wall decor to your bedroom brings the eye upward and helps to complete your total effect. Working with a theme doesn’t just mean the bedding or a floor rug, it also included adding accessories to your walls. And wall art doesn’t need to be expensive. Some of the most beautiful art prints are quite inexpensive. Where you will work with your budget comes in for a frame.

Animal Art Print Choices

Here are some of my favorite choices for adding a wall art print in an animal theme. I chose each one for its painted look. But, photographic wall art is also available if you prefer that look. The first two choices work not just for an animal theme but also within a jungle or safari theme. My third choice to the right, is perfect also for a rustic look or a theme from the woodlands.

 African Elephant Family Wall Decor Animal Wildlife Picture Art Print African Lion Savannah Pride Animal Wildlife Picture Art Print (13×19) Sunset Deer (Animal) Art Print Poster

Framing Your Art Print

Even though these art prints are very inexpensive, you will most likely want to frame them. Sticking them up on your walls with thumbtacks is a possibility, but not a great one. So picking a frame will be important. First, look at the color scheme you have within your other bedroom decor, including bedding and furniture. Matching the outer frame to something already in your room will help bring coordination to your look.

Then look at the colors within the print itself. Choosing a mat color that matches or accents a particular color will bring out that one affect. For options and choices to frame your animal art print, look at Frame Options. This can give you lots of ideas for colors and styles.

Chose from More Options

There are many choices for great art prints to use in your animal theme bedroom. Take a look at Animal Art Prints to see other choices including the darling wolf cubs that I featured at the beginning of this article. Then enjoy your beautiful bedroom.


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  1. I do believe every member of my family enjoys decorating with animal prints! It is a great way to bring any animal into your home.

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