Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Bedroom Decor

Bedroom Color SchemeWhen getting ready to decorate a bedroom, or redecorate for that matter, choosing a color scheme is the easiest way to begin. Typically, you want to choose two complementing colors, and a third for accent. Depending on your choices, even a fourth for an accent can work. Without a doubt, choose colors that you like. You have to be in this bedroom for your rest, so you want colors that make you feel good.

Starting with Themes for Bedroom Color Selections

If you already have a theme in mind, the color selection is even easier. Themes tend to lend themselves to certain color choices. For example, a beach theme naturally uses colors like tans and blues as the complements. These are the colors of sand and oceans. Your accent color choices can be white, for wave foam or sails, dark blues, especially navy, for a nautical accent. A jungle theme would lend itself to rich greens and yellows with red as the accent color.

Just from those two examples, you can see how themes have a natural color selection built in.

No Theme? No Problem

But, what if you don’t have a theme planned, or don’t want a theme? No problem. Choose your favorite color as your starting point. Then you can work with the color wheel to find the complementary colors that would go with your main color. If you want to know about how to use a color wheel, you can find at this article.

Don’t want to deal with the color wheel? Again, no problem. Pick two or three colors that you like. Work with your favorite as the main one and use the others for accents.

Let’s Look at Some Examples for Easy Decor

Let me show you an example: my daughter loves the color red. She started off with red in her bedding. When she added black as an accent color, which she thought was a natural choice, she didn’t like the effect. Instead of throwing out what she already had, we went in and added a third color – white – to brighten her bedroom. We added red and white pillow shams, a white dust ruffle for her bed and white wall decor. These were very simple changes that helped bring about the color effect that she really liked, still with red being her main color.

Sometimes, it’s easy to visit a local paint store and work through their color swatches. Even if you aren’t planning to do any painting in your bedroom, the color swatches that they offer can give you the option to look at combinations. Remember, though, paint can be mixed to any color. Not so with your bedroom decor unless you have everything custom made. So be just a bit cautious about picking a specific shade of a color. You might not be able to find that exact shade in the products you choose for your bedroom decor.

Start with your favorite color, the color that makes you feel good. This is your bedroom, after all, and you want it to be a place you enjoy being in and can rest in.

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