Modern Floral Duvet Bedding Sets

Modern-Floral-Duvet-BeddingA modern theme for your bedroom decor can be floral. Starting with the bedding, which is your largest decor item, makes sense. Bold and large florals have a modern look, but so do basic color combinations like black and white.

Modern Theme Decorating

Modern themes typically evoke geometric patterns, but that’s not always the case. Florals make great ways to go with a modern theme. The look is usually big and bold. But more than that, the look is simplistic. Less clutter in the floral pattern. The color schemes are also more simple. A two-color combination is a very modern look.

Duvet Bedding Sets

Take a look at these choices. Each uses basic color schemes to create the effect of a modern design. But they are also florals. Any color combination, not just black and white works for your theme.

 Chezmoi Collection 8-Piece Soft Microfiber Reversible White Green Leaf/Stripe Duvet Cover with Sheet Set, Queen Perry Ellis, Asian Lily Collection, Duvet Set, King Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece White with Black Floral Duvet Cover Set for Queen Size Bedding

The Perry Ellis floral duvet set uses 4 colors. Black, white, green and lavender. Even with the multiple colors, the look is modern from a standpoint of large pattern design. The two Chezmoi duvet sets above both use a 2-color combination, but they also use the bold and large pattern for the florals.

Duvet Bedding for Warmth

Duvets are simply a bedding sack that is filled with some kind of soft insulating material, like down or fiberfill. Because of their thickness, duvet covers are extra warm. Most are not quilted, but they can be. The warmth of a duvet is extra nice during those cold winter months when you want to snuggle under the covers. But, they also make a beautiful look on your bed. Especially with coordinating pillows and a bed skirt like the ones featured above.

More Florals in All Bed Sizes

The 3 bedding sets above all come in different bed sizes, but there are plenty more choices for duvet bedding sets. And each is available in the size you need for your bed. At Modern Floral Duvet Bedding Sets you can see lots more. Just pick the design or color scheme that works for you, then pick your size and you are off to a great start for your modern floral bedroom theme.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    I do love duvets and duvet covers. The covers are so much easier to wash, or even dry clean at home, than the bulkier bedspreads. I really love the black and white floral design you have featured.

  2. john Miller says:

    I prefer Modern duvet bedding sets over the traditional bedding sets as they can be filled as one truly desires and don’t have to rely on the quality manufacturer’s batting and they are much easier to clean.

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