Sunflower Bedroom Decor Ideas

Sunflower-Bedroom-DecorSunflower bedroom decor can be easy when you work with the accessories and room accents. We all like to have ideas for how this will work, so that’s what you can find here. I’ll show how we redecorated my sister’s bedroom all in sunflowers. It’s not hard and didn’t require any painting or expensive work.

Sunflower Bedroom Decor is Popular

Luckily, sunflowers are popular for all kinds of home decor items. My sister had in mind a specific look, though. She wanted more of a realistic look, not whimsical or cartoonish. With my own graphic art skills I created a design that she called Sunflowers on Sunflowers. It was the kind of realism that she wanted. Here are some of the bedroom decor items that she chose.

Using Accessories for a Bedroom Theme

Certainly no repainting or wallpapering was needed. We created the sunflower theme using only accessories in her bedroom. Two decorative throw pillows were added to her bed, a sunflower wall clock created a focal point on her wall and a table lamp added to the theme on her desk.

On top of her dresser, we added several accessories. One was a covered jar to hold all of those extra things that seem to have no place else to go, and the other was a simple treasure box just for her favorite jewelry pieces.

These were all in her favorite Sunflowers on Sunflowers design. There are more items in the collection. You can see them all by just clicking here.

Adding a Final Touch

One final touch that we added was a set of sunflower wall decals. Since these aren’t expensive decor items, we got several sizes. Then had a great time arranging them on the walls. Wall decals require no glue or nails and they can be easily repositioned. So we created several garden groupings around her bedroom. Yes, the effect was perfect.

Creating your own sunflower bedroom decor is really easy. It’s simply a matter of using accessories to create the theme. We aren’t talking expensive. We are talking easy.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    My husband would love it if I would decorate more with sunflowers. They are his favorite flower. Plus, the yellow would certainly be a great accent color for all of my blues.

  2. Mary Beth Granger says:

    I love sunflowers. I have my kitchen decorated with lots of sunflower accessories. These are some really cute bedroom ideas.

  3. dawn rae says:

    I LOVE the sunflower wall decals. Those are great. I love flowers but I don’t tend to use them very much for decorating. I should. I am tempted to use those decals.

  4. A great idea. I love that the sunflowers bring such a clean and warm presence into the bedroom. I could see it in a bathroom too! I like it.

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