Tropical Lamps Bedroom Theme Decor

Tropical LampsA tropical theme is a fun one for bedroom decor. Adding accents like these tropical lamps makes your theme fun and charming. Set on the bedside table, a desk or dresser top and you are well on your way to a tropical theme bedroom.

Tropical Lamps Set the Mood

I look at my lighting or lamp options first when I am working with a theme to decorate a bedroom or any room. The lighting seems to set the mood in a room. With a tropical theme, the harsh glare of overhead or track lighting just seems too much for the warm feel of a tropical theme. For a bedroom, I like to envision late in the day, like a sunset or a warm breezy evening on the beach. That means warm lamps to help create the mood. But, they need to be lamps that lend well to a tropical look. So, tropical lamps are in order.

Pineapple and Palm Tree Lamps

What reminds you more of a tropical setting than pineapples and palm trees? That’s why I chose these lamps to feature. Made from natural and tropical sources like rattan and bamboo, you get an immediate sense of being by the ocean or on an island. These are table lamps ready to go on your bedside tables or on a dresser across the room, but floor lamps are also available if you prefer or need that kind of lighting.

 Rattan Rope Style Palm Tree Lamp Light Tropical Decor Set of 2 Table Lamps with Bamboo Style in Brown Finish 1 Pair 2 Monkey Palm Tree Table Lamp Lighting Light w/ Shade Ore International 9001-T 33

Keep the Tropical Theme Going

One of many bedroom accessories to add to your room to create your theme, tropical lamps are just the start of it. That’s the fun of easy bedroom decorating. The theme helps to make your choices easier.

You can work will plenty of different color schemes as well within a tropical theme. Think of all the colors that are found on a beach scene. Or think of an island paradise at sunset. Just about any colors of the rainbow are available to you. You’ll want to work with a few main, or basic colors. Then add in one or two accent colors. Your tropical lamps are just the beginning of the fun.

Use your tropical lamps as part of a focal point within your bedroom decor. Add some simple accents like seashells or a shore bird figurine and your have that focal point put together. Bedroom decorating really can be easy when you start with a theme.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I love a tropical theme for the bedroom. One of my most favorites that I did was a palm tree theme, complete with palm tree comforter, rattan topped side tables and, of course, palm tree/tropical lamps. The do set the mood much better than the harsh overhead lights. Great recommendations!

  2. Having the proper lighting in a room is absolutely essential. When it can be beautiful, like the featured tropical themed bedroom lamps, it is magnificent! I do love decorating with themed accent lamps. The right lamp will complete a room and often take center stage in decorating.

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