Tropical Wall Clocks for Easy Bedroom Theme Decor

Tropical Wall ClocksA tropical theme is always a fun one for any room in the home, but in the bedroom it’s especially enchanting. The relaxing feel of warm breezes, palm trees blowing gently in the wind and the peaceful sound of the ocean are perfect for a bedroom feel.

Wall Clocks to Carry the Theme Up

At Easy Bedroom Decor, we talk a lot about using accessories to help decorate and to carry a theme. Well, the reality is, you want your theme to be more than just on the floor level, but also to focus the eyes up the walls. Wall clocks do just that. Of course, you can hang pictures and posters, but why not include something functional, too? Besides the effect of a tropical wall clock makes a very focused effect.

My Favorites in the Tropical Theme

These are three of my favorite choices for wall clocks that carry a tropical theme. I chose all ones with a palm tree as part of their design for a good reason. To me, palm trees are just a natural for a tropical look. I do love the beautiful photo in the first one. Blue is a favorite color of mine, so that was very attractive to me. I also love the drawing effect of the middle wall clock. It’s a realistic enough looking drawing that it’s an attention-getter. Now, the third choice was purely because I have a sister who loves her artwork to be more stylized. She just flipped over this wall clock for her own tropical bedroom, so enjoy Beth!


 3drose Tropical Paradise Wall Clock, 10 by 10-Inch The Cabana 12 Fancy That 13” Tropical Palm Tree Wall Clock

Adding Function to Flair

Around my home, I’m very big on using decor items that are functional, but they need to complement my chosen theme or decor style. Wall clocks are perfect for that. A plain, unadorned clock is functional, but it adds nothing to the decor. While a framed picture or poster adds to the decor, it has nothing functional about it. Therefore, I combine the two to get one great decor item in a wall clock.

If my choices aren’t just right for you, have no fear. There are plenty more to chose from at Tropical Wall Clocks. There is a really cute tropical floral one, too. That’s for when your decor is more on the whimsical side.

And don’t forget to check out more about our tropical theme decor. You may find the perfect way to put it all together.

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  1. Mandee says:

    Great idea! I used to have a tropical theme in my living room and I, of course, had a themed wall clock. When something can do double duty (decor and tell time) it’s a win-win! Great selection of clocks!

  2. These clocks are really like adding a piece of art to the wall! What a lovely suggestion.

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